Music Ministry

St. Paul's choir has been a part of the church since it was constructed in 1955.  It continues today with a membership of 30 singers in four-part harmony.  The choir performs at community events, holds an annual Christmas cantata, coordinates caroling for shut-ins and provides special music during church services.  The choir meets every Wednesday at 7PM from August to May and welcomes new members.  You don’t have to be great, as long as you are willing to sing in the key of JOY! Come join us and enjoy the support, fellowship and spirit of worship that we share as a family.

    St. Paul's chime choir began in 2001 and has maintained a dozen members all these years.  They rehearse every Tuesday afternoon from August to May and work on music to enhance the worship service as well songs to perform at community functions.  We study the song, mark the notes we have to play, write in the counting, and practice!  With this technique, a chimer doesn't have to know how to read music, but will learn to eventually.