About Us

In 1949, the Board of American Missions of the United Lutheran Church began organizing what would become St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Miami, Arizona. The American Legion Hall in Globe provided shelter for the first service on September 18, 1949. By November of 1950, the growing congregation was building its own house of worship with a modest loan and volunteer labor. In January of 1952, members and friends of St. Paul’s participated in a groundbreaking service, and the church’s cornerstone was placed on June 22, 1952. The church basement provided a place for ministry and meetings until construction was completed late in 1952.

From these modest beginnings, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has flourished for over 67 years as a place of worship, faith, and salvation. The congregation accepts the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inspired Word of God and the authoritative source of its proclamation, faith and life.  St. Paul’s mission is “to provide opportunity for spiritual growth for its members and community by proclaiming the message of God’s salvation through Jesus the Christ and by living our faith in both word and deed.” The proclamation of Biblical faith and the dedication of enthusiastic adult, youth and music ministries form the core of St. Paul’s spiritual outreach to its members, community and the world beyond.

In 2015, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church became an affiliate of the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. Visitors are welcome at St. Paul’s, which is located across from Fry’s shopping center at 750 Paxton Avenue in Miami, AZ, where it is known as the “pretty little  church on the hill.”  Pastor Barry Schwenk conducts services every Sunday at 10 AM, and all baptized Christians may partake of communion on the first and third Sundays of the month.